Our Strategy

Our strategy addresses the long-term positive demand for security and related services and our enduring strategic aim is to demonstrate the values and performance that makes G4S the company of choice for customers employees and shareholders.
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our strategy - secure solutions

Our purpose is to create sustainable value by delivering industry leading, technology-enabled security solutions and outstanding service for our customers.

Our Secure Solutions strategy addresses the positive, long-term demand for security services. We do this by designing and delivering industry leading security solutions including:

  • Risk consulting.
  • Premium on-site, mobile and remote security professionals.
  • Investigations.
  • Integrated security systems: design, build, operate and maintain.
  • Monitoring and response security operations.
  • Data analytics and pre-emptive & predictive security operations.

We operate in over 90 countries around the world, providing our customers with unmatched global coverage.

our strategy - Cash solutions

Our strategy is to provide industry leading software, hardware, systems and services that improve the security, control and efficiency of our customers’ cash
management. We deliver services including:

  • Cash Technology services comprising:

- Cash technology focused on the efficient management of cash, including Retail Cash Solutions, the leading software and service solution for large retail formats in North America.

  - Deposita, CASH360 and G4S Pay solutions for medium and small retail formats.

- Bank process automation.

  • Conventional Cash services including Cash in transit (CIT), cash processing and automated teller machine (ATM) services.

In order to achieve economies of scale, we have built number one or number two positions in 41 of the 44 countries in which we operate. In all of these markets, a very large share of the overall cash handling and cash management market remains in the hands of banks, retailers and other businesses whose primary function is not cash handling. We believe that these banks and businesses will continue to outsource cash management services to G4S.

Our improving unit economics, the strength of our market positions and our innovative cash and payment technology give us confidence that G4S Cash Solutions is well positioned to play a leading role
in the next wave of cash management outsourcing.

We have a market leading position in the large retailer segment in the United States and we are one of the market leaders globally in the small and midsize business market segments.

Our technology is delivering significant savings for our customers and provides a valuable higher margin annuity revenue stream for G4S. Market
penetration is low at this stage and we therefore see  substantial potential for further growth. Indeed we believe that our cash technology services have the clear potential to produce profits greater than the profits from the Group’s conventional cash services in the medium term.

These aims are underpinned by our strategic priorities and how we focus our resources and expertise in areas where we can achieve the best results for customers and sustainable growth and return for investors. 

People and values   People and Values We recruit, develop and deploy the best people in the industry 
 Customer focus and service excellence  Customers and service excellence We build long-term customer relationships based on trust and understanding of customers' businesses and objectives
Technology and Innovation  Technology and Innovation We design, market and deliver innovative, industry-leading technology and services that protect and add value for our customers wherever they operate
 Operational excellence and cost leadership  Operational and service excellence We have safe, secure, reliable and efficient operations
 Financial and commercial discipline Financial and commercial discipline We manage risk effectively and ensure we provide profitable, cash generative services

For a full description of the group’s strategic priorities visit our Online Integrated Report.

one G4S

The scale and breadth of G4S is a key strength and our ‘One G4S’ approach will help us to achieve strategic, commercial and operational alignment and to maximise synergies – both revenue and cost – across the Group.

One G4S


G4S staff

integrated Reporting

Our strategy addresses the

long-term positive demand for

security and related services

and our enduring strategic aim

is to demonstrate the values

and performance that makes

G4S the company of choice

for customers employees and


Annual Report Cover


Being a sustainable,
ethical business is
key to the ongoing
success of G4S.
G4S Integrated Report


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