The group whistleblowing arrangements provide a valuable opportunity for employees to raise concerns anonymously.
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A critical part of our Integrity value is ensuring that the company has an effective whistleblowing process in place and that colleagues know how to raise concerns and feel confident in doing so. Where there is any suggestion that our standards are not being met, we encourage employees to use Speak Out, our global whistleblowing channel, to report their concern.

Speak Out can be used by any employee, in confidence, in multiple languages, at any time of the day or night. We continue to promote Speak Out to employees across the Group, and in 2019, 555 cases were raised by colleagues (2018: 519).

The majority of matters raised via Speak Out are HR grievances, which are managed by the local HR team. Where appropriate, concerns regarding operational procedures are investigated by local management to ensure that relevant standards are being followed, Internal audit and other assurance functions may also assess operational compliance. Matters which are classified as being of a serious nature are investigated at a senior and independent level, with 69% of investigations being completed during 2019. Work continues to complete the remainder in 2020.

The Group Ethics Steering Committee continues to oversee implementation of our whistleblowing policy and conducts regular reviews of serious cases, investigation progress and resulting actions. This year, G4S will carry out a review of its whistleblowing policy and practices and has commissioned the charity, Protect, to conduct an independent review of the company’s whistleblowing process and its

For more on Anti-Bribery and Corruption, please see here.

Please see our Whistleblowing Policy for further information.

If you would like to raise a concern through Speak Out, please do so here.

Actions for 2020

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • Undertake a review of our Business Ethics Policy and guidelines and relaunch a refreshed policy and framework
  • Refresh anti-bribery and corruption training with new scenarios
  • Review, update and re-launch whistleblowing policy
  • Evaluate and re-design whistleblowing case management, investigation and close out process
  • Conduct end-to-end independent review of whistleblowing service by third-party experts, the charity Protect, and implement suggested improvements across the Group
  • Refresh all whistleblowing promotional materials across the Group to raise the profile and confidence of the Speak Out service
  • Conduct a review of the Group’s external whistleblowing system provider

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One of our core values, Integrity, highlights the importance of always doing the right thing, and our Speak Out Global Hotline, encourages our people to do just that – to blow the whistle and report concerns about serious wrongdoing, such as breaches of laws, regulations or company policy.

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