G4S Guernsey

A global player with specialist local knowledge

G4S has been a major employer and provider of services in Guernsey for over 40 years and we pride ourselves on our teams’ local experience and knowledge - many managers have been in the industry for over 20 years. As a global player we have the advantage of being able to offer you a complete range of services from cash transit, security, facilities management and logistics to couriers and key cutting. 


A wide range of sectors and companies

Our security heritage puts us in a unique position to provide safe and productive working environments for businesses small and large.  We work across a variety of market sectors including financial services, airports, retail, utilities, Public Sector, community organisations, telecommunications and legal services. Our clients include companies such as: HSBC, Guernsey Airport and Harbours, Guernsey electricity, Waitrose, Carey Olsen, Guernsey Water, C5 Alliance and Specsavers. 

Our services

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We have a comprehensive range of solutions from the basics like good cleaning to high-street style catering, office services and specialist electrical and mechanical maintenance. We also have specialist project management teams to support construction and office moves, as well as teams that can undertake energy and carbon management.
Secure Environments

Security Solutions

As the world’s leading security company, we can cater for all your home, business and personal security requirements. Whether it is manned guarding, access control, event management, CCTV, parking, securing your data or fire and intruder alarms, our solutions are a combination of experienced manpower and innovative technology.
Secure Cash Services

Secure Cash Management

As a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, we provide a ‘one stop shop’ cash management programme. This end–to-end facility includes forecasting, ordering, replenishing, securely collecting and delivering of cash, saving you time and reducing ATM machine down time. We provide also note and coin preparation for a wide range of businesses and can repatriate UK and foreign cash.

Secure Storage

G4S are experts in the storage and archiving of physical and electronic documents as well as all valuable items. We can also offer solutions for document scanning, distribution and final destruction. In addition our services also include a comprehensive range of insured, computer audit and movement control solutions, and (if required) specialised fire protected storage facilities.

G4S Locksmith

Locksmith and Key cutting

Members of the Master locksmith association - we undertake all aspects of lock installation and maintenance, key cutting as well as services such as securing safes and making them fireproof. 

G4S has the biggest fire and security department on Guernsey

There is designated 24 /7 cover for callouts for the FM business.

Case study

G4S Guernsey is working with a leading Banking Organisation on their office refurbishment and installation of a new Data Centre 

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